Gruppe! is as much an artistic statement of intent as it is a coalescence of musicians with a sentient purpose to confront the malady within ourselves and society at large.

Mooro, Prof, Rizlo

The project we are currently working on is a new website for a local band, the singer and guitarist for which is a very good friend. They formed about a year ago and have played the limited number of venues in the vicinity and want to venture further afield. The purpose of the website is to create a medium which provides a precis about them, showcase songs from their album (due for completion in the new year), videos of their gigs and a point of contact for promotion and booking purposes.

When you encounter a band with a manifesto and a statement of intent you know they are serious about their musicianship and their art. Combine that with the colours of black, white and red and an instruction to design a website that reflects the band's collective and singular creativity and artistic proclivities, then we have a bespoke challenge really worth getting our teeth in to.

Whilst we relish the chance to indulge our own desire to create something truly bold and unique, the draw back to this is actually getting the band members to do some admin and provide us with the boring stuff like text and photos for their biographies. Who can blame them when being creative is exponentially more interesting and enjoyable.

Your life is just numbers! My life is a total ****ing joke!

Gruppe! Manifesto