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Cheap, Internet, Website, Budget Hosting

A hosting server is where your website files are stored so they are accessable by any one with an internet connection any where in the world. Unfortunately, placing your website files on hosting servers involves a fee.

Fortunately, with Ludaco, you only need to pay a very cheap fee to host your website files with us. We provide a fully managed hosting service for the unbeatable price of £25 per annum.

That's it! No other costs, no hidden charges, no VAT, just £25 for a whole year.

For this you get a feature rich, web hosting service with fast support and activation within 24 hours. We have searched the UK online for a better hosting deal and we can't find one. If you can find a better deal that isn't a promotional offer, we will match the price if you will send us a link to where you found the deal.

Cheap budget hosting Poole Bournemouth Dorset


A domain name is like a phone number so that browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) know how to contact your site. Just like phone numbers, each domain is unique so you may not be able to get the exact one you want if someone else is already using it. However, we can try and find the domain you want and register it for you so that no-one else can use it.

Domain names and website hosting can get very complicated and is probably best left to the experts.

If you do not have either a domain name or hosting for your website, we can supply you with both at a very affordable price.

We have more budget hosting deals available with increased disk space and band width for businesses with higher levels of traffic or storage requirements.


We have a limited number of dedicated IP addresses to add to hosting packages to trial what the response will be.

Dont's miss out on the advantages of having your business website hosted with a dedicated IP address, especially if you need a SSL certificate!

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