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Ludaco Web Design is a website design company offering a variety of internet services including affordable websites to suit all budgets, mobile friendly responsive design safe guarding against penalties from Google, search engine optimisation, cheap hosting, Ecommerce and Content Management Systems for businesses in Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne, Weymouth, Dorchester, Dorset, Devon & Somerset.

The internet doesn't need a car, passport or boarding pass to reach local, domestic or foreign locations and we also have clients in London, France, Brasil, China, Hong Kong, America, South Africa & Kenya. I often having meetings with these clients via Skype and email is an instant and extremely reliabale commmunicaton link. If you land on this website from further afield than South West England, please feel free to get in touch. We can provide our services to anyone, any where in the world!

Our Pledge

Website Design Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Ludaco Website Design is committed to providing mobile friendly, responsive website designs at highly competitive prices to be affordable for every budget. Having real, total control over your website does not have to be expensive. When we say real control, we do not mean the kind of control provided by certain site builders (free or paid) which can only let you choose from what is available. We mean total control over every aspect of your website. All websites are tested for compatability with the current releases of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera.

The one stipulation we make about providing you with the power to determine the outcome of your site is that we retain the right to give expert advice if we think it is required and, if necessary, the right to refuse a client's decision for their website if we think it will damage not only their reputation but ours as well. Our work reflects on us and our reputation is paramount to our continued success so we ask you to understand that we will provide an alternative solution if the need arises.

Website Design Dorset Bournemouth Poole

We work hard to build an excellent reputation and obtain business through referral and recommendation so that our clients know they can rely on us to take the time and trouble to fulfill their requirements to the letter. We hope we can meet each client in person so they know they can approach us with any query and not be concerned about brusk treatment from target-driven sales staff. However, due to distance, it might not always be possible to meet in person.

Our Ethics

  • Customer Support

    Every client will receive one-to-one, dedicated support from inception to completion of their websites. We also provide a period of support once your website has been published just in case any problems arise or you wish to make urgent amendments to the content. Depending on the circumstances we may need to charge for any such amendments but we hope to avoid this (see Planning).

  • Evaluation

    This part of the process is to establish the requirements for your website in as much detail as possible. Things like colour schemes, themes, layouts, number of pages, menu type and orientation, functionality, images, text content, blogs etc. A brief comprised of this information will form the strict basis upon which your site will be built. We will have to charge for any alterations to the brief after it has been agreed.

  • Planning

    Once we have a brief we can plan how to build the site, assess how long it will take and ascertain how much it will cost to do so. We will make every effort to take everything in to consideration so our quoted price remains fixed. If there is a need for ancillary work we will agree a fixed price or rate with you before it commences.

  • Consistency

    We strive to achieve the same level of excellence with every project we undertake, whether it be a one page brochure site to a highly complex content management system. We use the latest version of web and style code to utilise the many facets which help to build a website that is perfect for your company image and brand.

  • Affordable

    Our level of expertise allows us to move swiftly through preliminary procedures, build your website and upload it for live access in an optimal time frame. With low overheads and swift turnaround times we can compete with any other web design service provider. However, a great deal of this depends on the evaluation process and whether you have your own images and text content.

  • Information

    We will answer any technical questions you have about any stage of the website building process. Explaining this kind of thing usually sends people to sleep so it would actually make a change if some one wanted to know some thing about the technicalities of putting a website in the internet.

  • Compliance

    We try to adhere as closely as possible to the standards published by the World Wide Web Consortium; abbreviated to W3C. Due to the requirements of the client this is not always possible but we will provide expert advice to ensure your website is built using fundamental guide lines.

  • Standards

    The W3C also provides a validation service whereby web standard code can be verified as being fit for the standards outlined in their website. All the websites we build will be checked by the validation service to confirm we have achieved the applicable standard. This excludes third party software.

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    Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne, Weymouth, Dorchester, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, South West England, London, United Kingdom, France, Brasil, China, Hong Kong, America, South Africa, Kenya, The World!

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