Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design

Q.) Why is having a responsive mobile friendly website so important?
A.) Non responsive websites are ineffective in a mobile device and Google is penalising them because...

...searchers can more easily find high quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling. [read full article]

This update by Google to give ranking priority to responsive mobile friendly websites affects all businesses alike. The Gaurdian refers to it as Google's 'mobilegeddon' because it is shaking up search results across all levels of business.

If you don't know whether your website is responsive mobile friendly there are 2 very easy ways you can check

Access the internet on your mobile phone and search for your business name in Google. Find your listing in the search results. It should look like the example below with the words "Mobile-friendly -" at the start of the description.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design Poole Bournemouth

If you don't see "Mobile-friendly -" at the start of the description then you need to update or upgrade your website.

Q.) Do I have to make my website responsive mobile friendly?
A.) No, not all. But why risk losing business?

Statistics show 85% of UK mobile users search for local information via their mobile phones. If your website is on page 2 or 3 of search results due to being non responsive they will find your competitors first.

Enter the domain name of your website below to see if it is mobile friendly.

We Can Make Your Website Responsive Mobile Friendly

The Affordable App

You don't necessarily have to update or upgrade your entire website. You can have the home page redirect to an App; the App being mobile friendly which will pass the Google test and give you the all important "Mobile-friendly -" addition to your listing description.

A responsive design works by moving all the blocks of content underneath each other. Block 2 moves under block 1, block 3 moves under block 2 etc. This can make for some VERY long pages when viewing large content websites in a mobile.

Having an App can condense the information to just the most important details such as contact number, email address, opening times, special offers, promotions etc so the focus is only on what you want a visitor to see.

This could be very advantageous if you are having a half price sale!

Please contact us if you require a more complicated App or a redirect of multiple pages.


from £100

  • Redirect of Home page
  • Simple App displaying
    basic details
  • Matching your logo & brand
  • +order it now!

Update your existing website to be responsive mobile friendly

Websites built over 10 years ago or with certain site builders are not worth updating. The time involved is not cost effective.

I would strongly recommend an upgrade. It's much cheaper!

The price opposite is based on a website of up to 10 pages built using what is known as Static HTML with a <div> layout. Apologies for the jargon but, sometimes, there's only one way to describe things.

The update option is potentially the most expensive because of the time it can take, not only to write the code but to test it as well.

Assessing if your website is cost effective to update is a quick and easy process which we will do for FREE so don't hesitate to contact us to find out about your website.


from £200

  • Review content for selective retention
  • Update pages to be responsive
  • Update images and forms to be responsive
  • Perform responsive testing on mobiles
  • +order it now!

Upgrade to new website using purpose built responsive format

In a nutshell, we build you a new website according to your requirements, include the content from your existing website if you want, it's responsive mobile friendly. As simple as that.

The added advantage of this is you benefit from any applicable special offers we have because it's a new website. See our Home page for current offers.

Contact us for a FREE quote to upgrade your existing website to be responsive mobile friendly.


from £200

  • Build new website
  • Transfer content from existing website
  • Perform testing then publish new website
  • +order it now!
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