Search Engine Optimisation

A new website will not magically appear on page one of a Google search result, no matter how well it has been set up. It takes time to work its way up the list and Google has gone to great lengths recently to stop all the cheating. We build every site to make sure it is as search engine friendly as possible so that once it is published it has the best chance of working its way up the rankings. Left to its own devices though, a website will never get to page one of any search engine even if afforded enough time to be indexed and crawled consistently.

How to improve search engine rank

There are many ways to improve your search engine rank but the key areas of our SEO service that will have the greatest effect are as follows:

  • Registration with Google, Yahoo, Bing & other major search engines

    (sign you up online with the search engines so they know you exist)

  • Website structure optimisation

    (build your site properly so the internet crawlers know what to look for)

  • Effective monitoring & tracking

    (check your keywords to see if they are being searched and tweak if necessary)

  • Identify keywords & phrases

    (choose the words that need optimising which some one searching for your type of business will use)

SEO Poole

We can provide a monthly, ongoing SEO service for your site. Contact us to arrange an analysis of your site to see how you can benefit from our service.

Search Engine Optimisation Poole Bournemouth Dorset
  • Relevant page titles

    (this is very important - its no good having a title of Smith's Garage for a page about specialist, engine management repairs)

  • Headings, descriptions & body text

    (known as on page SEO - search engines go all warm and gooey over sites with relevant text headings, descriptions and properly formatted and validated code)

  • Links

    (developing numerous, quality links to your site will get it found quicker, so get networking)

Pricing Options

The SEO Blitz

The perfect starter service to boost the ranking of a new website. Performing a Google search for any of the keywords in the following list will display one of the clients for whom we have provided an SEO blitz on page 1.*

  • landscape gardening Poole
  • landscaper Poole
  • accountants Somerset
  • bookkeeping South West
  • landscaping Dorset
  • affordable law
  • counselling East Dorset
  • counseller Wareham
  • gardening services Dorset
  • Novell support Poole
  • abuse support Dorset
  • payroll Somerset
  • affordable legal services
  • fencing Poole
  • Poole fencing
  • local plumber Bournemouth
  • local plumber Poole
  • boiler repair Bournemouth
  • boiler repair Poole
  • boiler breakdowns Poole

SEO Blitz


  • One-off payment
  • Review of content
    and structure
  • Keyword development
  • +order it now!

* Verified at the time the information was published.

Ongoing by month

Whilst the SEO Blitz is best suited to new domains, those that are well established or exploring new keywords for which they can be found will need longer term campaigns to be effective. The ongoing, monthly SEO service is for businesses in very competitive markets and, therefore, competition for a position on page 1 of search results is rigorous.

If your competitors have an ongoing SEO campaign to stay ahead of you in search results, you need an ongoing campaign of your own to keep up and over take them.

The competition in the web design market is almost overwhelming. The only way we have remained on page 1 for our chosen keywords is by regular monitoring of our position, keeping a very close eye on the competition and reacting or taking the initiative when necessary.



  • Monthly payments, no contract, cancel at any time
  • Review of content, structure and ranking
  • Keyword development, ongoing monitoring
  • +order it now!

Six Month Contract

If your business requires an ongoing SEO service but you just want to leave it in the hands of the experts so you can get on with the day to day running of the company, our six month, fully managed SEO contract is a very viable solution.

Choosing the six month contract provides greater payment flexibility for the duration of the service and we only charge five months for the price of six. So, if you take the monthly payment plan, there is no fee for the final month.

You can choose from one of the following payment options:

  1. Pay in full, up front
  2. By equal, monthly instalments, last month free
  3. 50% deposit, 50% at the start of month 5
  4. Four monthly instalments of £368.75

Once we receive the first payment, we will commence the SEO service for six months and manage every thing for you so you won't need to worry about a thing.

6 Months


  • Various payment options
  • 6 months for the price of 5
  • Review of content, structure and ranking
  • Keyword development, guaranteed, ongoing monitoring
  • +order it now!

Annual Contract

This is an extension of the fully managed SEO service we provide for a six month contract. Ideally, it is for businesses wishing to stay ahead of the competition and, after 1 year, know for certain that a position on page 1 of search results is guaranteed.

We also extend the free month to the annual contract by offering 10 months service for the price of 12 months.

The payment options for the annual contract have the following revisions:

  1. By equal, monthly instalments, last 2 months free
  2. 50% deposit, 50% at the start of month 10
  3. Four monthly instalments of £737.50

12 Months


  • Various payment options
  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • Review of content, structure and ranking
  • Keyword development, ongoing monitoring, guaranteed page 1 position
  • +order it now!
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